Auto Services

Auto Repair Services

Keep your vehicle in great condition with Road Runner auto maintenance. Services include full-service oil changes, radiator, transmission, and gearbox services as well as battery maintenance, tire rotation, and more.  Here are a few of our featured services.

Car Battery Installation & Maintenance

Battery maintenance includes a battery analysis, inspection, cleaning, and new battery installation.  When your vehicle’s battery requires attention, trust that our technicians will efficiently find the problem and give you a high quality solution. We offer different warranty options: 2 years/ 3 years.

Exhaust & Catalytic Converter Repair

When the check engine light appears on your vehicle’s dash, there are several possible causes.  In the exhaust, the catalytic converter is one possible explanation.  Testing the converter, and if positive, repairing it, can preserve the life of your vehicle and keep you and other drivers safe.

Fuel Filter Service

After a fuel filter is cleaned, it is only a matter of time before debris begins to clog the filter.  Routine fuel filter services are available to keep your vehicle’s fuel filter from creating a more serious issue.  Services include fuel filter replacement and a leak inspection.

Headlight & Taillight Installation

When your taillight, headlight, brake lights, backup lights, or turn signals burn out, it poses a threat to you and other drivers on the road. Keep your vehicle safe by investing in light bulb replacement. By completing routine inspections, you make a significant different in the driving experience.

Serpentine Belt Repair

The serpentine belt is important to the function of your vehicle. If the serpentine belt snaps, it can affect the power steering pump, alternator, water pump, cooling fan, and many other accessories. Avoid damage to your vehicle by having the serpentine belt inspected regularly and replaced preventatively.

Shocks & Struts Repair

Behind the steering wheel, your vehicle is controlled by shocks and struts. Due to wear, shocks and struts can lose their ability to control lean and provide tire grip. If this happens, your vehicle becomes unsafe for you and other drivers around you. Look for warning signs, such as excessive fluid leaks and unusual tire wear, and have your shocks and struts inspected.

Radiator Flush/Repair

Having a vehicle’s radiator flushed preserves the well-being of your vehicle and avoids possible damage to the engine and transmission. Radiator flush services are designed to protect against coolant contamination and provide high quality cooling system service.